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Discover the latest from Hudson River Park! Find fun tips for your next visit, read up on upcoming events and dig deeper into exciting Park initiatives.

Whether you’re interested in our environmental research, educational offerings, sustainability initiatives, cultural programming, volunteer opportunities or vibrant year-round horticulture and wildlife, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy getting to know your west side backyard!

Scope out your spot — and plan to safely view — the solar eclipse from Hudson River Park! There will be a partial solar eclipse visible in New York City on Monday, April 8. Check out these locations within HRPK where you can pick up safety glasses and watch the eclipse, and be ...

Park time is an important part of your routine with your furry best friend, and dog families like yours are a vital part of our Hudson River Park community. When you’re in the Park with your pup, we ask that you follow certain rules and guidelines  so that everyone—...

Each year around this time, we look forward to a special seasonal event that our waterways experience: the plankton bloom. This explosion in plankton population jumpstarts our local Hudson River aquatic ecosystem after a long, cold winter. Learn about some of the plankton we see in the Hudson River.

As we wind down our 25th Anniversary year, we’re sharing some of what made this milestone year in the Park one for the record books.

During National Running Safety Month and all year long, people everywhere can increase their awareness of the importance of staying safe on the run.

A new high-tech helper is joining our River Project team for shoreline cleanups in Hudson River Park. Help us choose a name for the WasteShark!

Did you know that part of Manhattan’s shore once extended further into the Hudson River? Gansevoort Peninsula is all that remains of a much larger expansion, our city’s short-lived 13th Avenue.