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The arrival of spring means the beginning of the Volunteer Program season, and we can't wait to welcome our community back into the field. Learn what's in store in 2021!

plankton image from microscope

Believe it or not, one of the biggest changes that takes place in HRPK each spring happens below the surface of the Hudson River. As conditions become just right, drifting plants, animals and other organisms, collectively called plankton, begin to reproduce and multiply — rapidly!

park over plastic cataloguing

Over the last two years we’ve worked with researchers from Knology to evaluate our Park Over Plastic initiative. Through extensive interviews and waste audits, we learned how to better involve our Park community in Park sustainability and plastic reduction. Read more about what we discovered.

citi volunteers citi week 2019 tribeca boardwalk

We spoke to Stephanie Hochman, Senior Vice President, Citi & Lead, Citi Volunteers, about what corporate volunteering means to Citi, our Volunteer Program’s Presenting Sponsor. Read more about how Citi Volunteers and HRPK are building connections in our community through volunteerism.

Learn more about this mural, the global campaign that it’s a part of, and the local history that inspired the artist’s work.

ross graham nyt photo

Hudson River Park remembers Ross Graham — a Chelsea icon and founding mother of Hudson River Park.

Little-Island-HRPK-Pier 55

2021 kicks off a year of tremendous growth for Hudson River Park. We’re highlighting some of the Park projects celebrating major milestones this year.