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Fall 2024 Field Permittee Questionnaire

    1. Full legal name of organization:

    2. Organization contact name:

    3. Organization contact e-mail address:

    4. Organization contact phone #:

    5. What does your organization classify as?

    If selecting "Other," please specify what type of organization.

    6. Organization EIN (if a Non-Profit Organization):

    7. Do you serve (select one):

    8. Organization website/social media handle:

    9. What sport is being played?

    10. Can you provide proof of general liability insurance?

    11. Do paid employees and/or unpaid volunteers supervise/manage your league?

    12. For youth leagues: What is the age range of your players?

    13. How many total players are enrolled in your organization/league?

    14. How many teams are in your league?

    15. Please describe typical practices, matches/games and any other regular use. How many people are expected to be on the field at once (including players, coaches and referees)?

    16. What is your theft prevention plan? (i.e. Use of pack racks, having a volunteer monitor bags)

    17. Are you planning any special events (i.e. Tournaments, Opening Day celebrations)? If so, please list events, dates and the number of players and spectators expected to attend.

    18. What equipment, if any, are you planning on bringing onto the field/the surrounding area (i.e. goals, tents, etc.)? Please be reminded that all equipment being brought to the field must have prior approval from the Trust.

    19. If you are planning on partnering with other leagues, or hosting visiting leagues/organizations, list the activities, leagues and the requested dates:

    20. Please submit a separate document listing the league's full fee schedule, cost of enrollment and other fees. Failure to submit the fee schedule may impact field hours.

    If your fee schedule for all types of proposed uses in Hudson River Park is not attached, please explain why below.