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Support Hudson River Park Friends and Name an Oyster

Oysters are ecologically-critical filter feeders that support life in our local waterways by building habitat. Though the wild oyster population is a fraction of what it once was due to centuries of over-harvesting and water pollution, Hudson River Park is working to restore the bivalves to our local waterways.

Hudson River Park’s River Project has installed numerous oyster habitat enhancement features. The goal of these installations is to create greater habitat diversity for the organisms that live in Hudson River Park’s Estuarine Sanctuary. The bottom of the Hudson River is mostly muddy and soft, so adding additional hard structure has two important benefits: it gives encrusting organisms like oysters and mussels somewhere to settle and mobile organisms like crabs and juvenile fish a place to hide.

The New York Times called the oysters in our Estuarine Sanctuary “a hopeful sign in the Hudson River.” Give a hopeful gift to yourself or your loved one during the season of giving! Most importantly, give a gift to a crucial waterway and honor oysters, our filtration superheroes.

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