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Blue Crab

Callinectes sapidus

A blue crab looking at the camera in a tankMax Size: 20+ cm (carapace width point to point) (8 in); arm span at least twice that
Habitat: Brackish coastal waters and estuaries
Diet: Omnivorous. Bivalves, crustaceans, small fish, other blue crabs





Fun Facts:

  • Female Blue Crabs are distinguished from males by the triangular shape of their abdominal plate (as opposed to the narrower males’) and sometimes by red highlights on the tips of their claws
  • One of the top invertebrate predators of the Hudson Estuary, aggressive and solitary, eating anything they can catch
  • Few Blue Crabs live longer than three years
  • The Blue Crab is well known for its cannibalistic habits; as cannibalized crabs make up as much as 13% of their diets
  • The scientific name means “Tasty, beautiful swimmer”