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Gansevoort Peninsula Design

Gansevoort Peninsula is an approximately 5.5-acre landmass that until recently was used by the NYC Department of Sanitation for truck parking. In 2018, NYC completed the removal of the Sanitation facility, providing a clean slate for a large new park area at Hudson River Park. Built on solid ground (as opposed to a pier), Gansevoort is slated to be developed into a large green oasis, complete with a resilient, soft-edged “beach” on the southern side. An important public art installation entitled Day’s End, by artist David Hammons, will also be located on and near the south side of the Peninsula.

In January 2019, the Hudson River Park Trust hired a design team led by James Corner Field Operations to design this new park area. An important part of the design process is hearing from the public about the types of uses that are desired for this large area. This process began in March 2019, when the design team and Trust attended a meeting of Community Board 2’s Parks/Waterfront Committee to provide initial information on the design opportunity and to begin listening to community feedback.

Several weeks later, the Trust hosted a well-attended follow-up design charrette, where Field Operations led community members through interactive exercises focused on ideas for future uses at the Gansevoort Peninsula.  In July 2019, the Trust and Community Board 2 hosted a joint meeting at which James Corner Field Operations presented the Concept Design for the Gansevoort Peninsula, followed by comments and Q & A. You can see the presentation here.

The Trust and Field Operations attended the Community Board 2 Parks & Waterfront Committee meeting on September 10, 2019, to discuss the design concept further. Based on feedback received, the design was updated further and presented again to Community Board 2 on January 8, 2020.  The revised design was very well-received, allowing the team to move into design development, with the goal of completing the design by the end of 2020. The presentation can be found here.