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Sponsoring Hudson River Park provides opportunities to engage New York City communities, as well as the significant number of tourists who visit the Park each year. The Park relies on your support to continue offering fantastic, free programs for the public to enjoy all year long. 

Hudson River Park develops and implements partnerships that feature consumer engagement in a venue unlike other parks in the city. Programs are designed to support marketing objectives as well as consumer engagement targets. HRPK produces more than 300 free events during the season that offer a variety of activation opportunities to engage with some of the millions of visitors who enjoy our four-mile footprint. 

The Park also provides an avenue for companies to act on sustainability and address social and environmental challenges. Protecting the urban green space and our estuarine sanctuary inform nearly every aspect of Park planning and programming. From environmental topics such as climate change and coastline resiliency to our many park-wide sustainability initiatives, like Park Over Plastic and the Community Compost Program, students and adults alike experience the vast and unique programs and events that build community and promote sustainable practices and stewardship.

The Park relies on corporate sponsors to support the many public events and environmental programs that take place in the Park each year.  Ready to sponsor HRPK? Select a sponsorship deck below, or email for more information.

HRPK Sponsorship Deck

Sustainability Partners Deck

SUBMERGE Marine Science Festival Deck

Pier 40 Field Banners Deck

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