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Construction & Updates in the Park

Hudson River Park is improving the playgrounds at Piers 25 and 51. The safety surfaces at both playgrounds require restoration after years of heavy use and exposure to the elements. During the restoration process, contractors will also improve drainage, apply protective sealants and make other miscellaneous repairs needed for a combination of safety and maintenance reasons.  These improvements will ensure that the playgrounds remain a safe place for children to play. Both playgrounds are scheduled to re-open by Summer 2019.  Also, sections of Pier 45 will be closed as we repair pavers in the seating area and improve soil to better support the pier’s mature trees.  Work on Pier 45 is also expected to be complete by Summer 2019.  Thank you in advance for your patience during the construction process.

Hudson River Park Bike Path

The NYS State Dept. of Transportation has installed a permanent new security gate on 24th street in Chelsea.  This security control will be located in the planted buffer area between the bikeway and roadway and will allow for the removal of some of the temporary concrete barriers previously placed on the bikeway near that location.  Installation will take place at night to minimize disturbance to cyclists and pedestrians.   Throughout the summer, look for the installation of other permanent security features  to be installed along the bikeway corridor.  As this occurs, the number of temporary concrete barriers will be reduced. 

Due to heightened security measures, take extra precautions when riding on the bikeway.  The concrete barriers are in place are for your safety but make certain areas of the bikeway more narrow than in the past.  Follow the rules of the road and stay in your lane.

Use common sense, plan accordingly, and adjust your route when necessary. Be mindful of Park staff working on the bikeway.

Please contact us at 212 242-6427 to report issues, and always call 911 in an emergency.

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