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2019 gave us much to celebrate here in HRPK, from launching Park Over Plastic to breaking compost and volunteer records to welcoming hundreds of thousands to dance, play and learn with us during a spectacular Summer of Fun.

Before we close the door on a spectacular year, we’re rounding up some highlights to send into 2020.

In 2019, HRPK…

Chose Park Over Plastic

Refill stations for water to help curb single use plastics

  • In May Hudson River Park officially launched Park Over Plastic, an initiative among Park staff, vendors and community members like you to help reduce our plastic footprint and improve the health of the Hudson River.
  • As part of Park Over Plastic, 555 lbs. of marine debris were removed from Hudson River Park’s shorelines at Gansevoort Peninsula and Pier 76.

Smashed our Compost Records (and carbon footprint)

Kids smash pumpkins for composting purposes in Hudson River Park

  • Composted 81,000 lbs. of local food scraps – an increase from over 75,000 in 2018.
  • Diverted 430,000 lbs. of organic waste from landfills, 30,000 pounds more than last year.

Grew our gardens and our Volunteer Program!

Volunteers pose for a pictures after helping plant bulbs around the Park

  • Park horticulturists and volunteers planted more than 29,000 bulbs and flowers and 1,700 trees and shrubs!
  • More than 2,150 volunteers donated 6,400 work hours to keeping the Park green and gorgeous at more than 70 volunteer events.

Connected Scientists of all ages with the Hudson River

Scientists learn about the Hudson River at Submerge

  • More than 33,000 people joined Hudson River Park’s Estuary Lab at more than 500 education programs.
  • HRPK Estuary Lab hosted 250 field trips for 12,000 NYC public school students, with more than half of all students traveling from the outer boroughs and two thirds from Title I schools.

And brought our community together

Dancing at Sunset Salsa during a Summer of Fun event in Hudson River Park

  • Welcomed close to 200,000 people at 783 events, a 13% increase over 2018.
  • 2019’s Summer of Fun brought music to our piers and kept us dancing: 15,000 people listened to Sunset on the Hudson compared to 6,000 in 2018, and 21,000 dancers joined us for Sunset Salsa compared to 15,000 in 2018.

We can’t wait for all the nature, relaxation, play, song and celebration 2020 will bring to our four miles of riverfront. From all of us here in HRPK, happy New Year. See you in the Park!