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Tribeca Habitat Enhancement

The Tribeca Habitat Enhancement Project is a large-scale restoration initiative in Hudson River Park. This project deployed a variety of habitat features and added an incredible 11 million oysters in the Park’s Estuarine Sanctuary.

Hand holding up an oyster against the Manhattan city skyline in Tribeca at Hudson River Park

The Tribeca Habitat Enhancement Project deployed a variety of habitat enhancement features seeded with millions of oysters in the waters between Pier 26 and Pier 34. The goal in installing these features is to create greater habitat diversity for organisms that live in Hudson River Park’s Estuarine Sanctuary.

The project includes five different types of habitat enhancement elements including oyster wraps, biohuts, textured piles, gabions and reef balls. Collectively, this project has added an incredible 11 million oysters to our Estuarine Sanctuary waters here in Hudson River Park!

Something that these features all have in common is that they are made of hard materials. The bottom of the Hudson River is mostly muddy and soft, so adding additional hard structure has two important benefits: it gives both encrusting organisms like oysters and mussels somewhere to settle, and mobile organisms like crabs and juvenile fish a place to hide.

Thank you to our project partners including the New York State Department of Conservation, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Billion Oyster Project and Hudson River Foundation.