Hudson River Park Trust

What is the Hudson River Park Trust?

Hudson River Park Trust is a partnership between New York State and City charged with the design, construction and operation of the four-mile Hudson River Park.

Hudson River Park is the largest open space project to undergo construction in Manhattan since the completion of Central Park.

As a public benefit corporation, Hudson River Park Trust is governed by a thirteen-member Board of Directors. The Trust employs a focused, diverse staff with experience in parks, design, finance, public policy, operations and maintenance.

Both the Trust and the park itself are governed by the Hudson River Park Act, a 1998 law that established both the park and its requirements. We operate on a premise of financial self-sufficiency, supporting the staff as well as the operations and maintenance of the park through income generated within the park area by rents from commercial tenants, fees concession revenues, grants and donations. Capital funding has historically come primarily from the State, New York City and Federal budget appropriations.  We are working closely with Hudson River Park Friends to expand our funding base to include private donations. 

One special aspect of the Trust is its fifty-member Advisory Council which plays an integral role in the park planning process. The Advisory Council is comprised of elected officials and representatives from the business, environmental and civic communities.

The major goals of the Trust are to:

  • Continue advancing park construction to achieve the full vision for a magnificent waterfront park as outlined in the Hudson River Park Act.
  • Operate and maintain the park at a high level so that it remains a community asset and economic generator, and continues to serve the millions of New Yorkers and tourists who use it annually.
  • Improve the park's Estuarine Sanctuary through public education, research and habitat enhancement.
  • Provide free or low-cost recreational opportunities for New York City residents.
  • Ensure the park's future financial self-sufficiency by developing the remaining major commercial nodes.