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Julie Goldberg

Director of Digital Media and Communications

Julie joined Hudson River Park Friends with five years of communications, digital marketing and administrative experience. She loves bringing fun and informative updates to Hudson River Park fans and engaging with the Park community on social media.

Before arriving at Friends, Julie served as Chapbook Coordinator at the New School Writing Program, coordinating events, newsletters and blog content to keep her community connected and informed. Prior to this, she developed content and managed social media accounts for social work and counseling education websites, and helped build audience awareness and engagement.

She graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis with a BA in English Literature and completed her MFA in Creative Writing at the New School. Words and parks are two of her main passions, and she loves bringing them together for Friends.

Claws up for Crab Week

Crab Week is a weeklong crustacean celebration from July 14-20.

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