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Bollywood & Bhangra

Enjoy highlights from our 2020 season

With origins in India, these dance forms emphasize expression, rhythm and passion. Bhangra specifically, is an energetic folk dance and music form that originated from Punjab, India. Bhangra is most often performed during the time of harvest and traditionally danced to the dhol instrument (a large drum). Bhangra has grown today to a type of Indian dance learned and enjoyed by many!

We’re thrilled to continue and expand this exciting virtual series with Ajna Dance Company. Directed and founded by Minila Shah, a dance polymath, Ajna Dance Company was created with the purpose of making Indian dance and culture more accessible to people of all backgrounds and have over half a decade of experience creating community through teaching, celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion through the art of dance.

Enjoy Bollywood & Bhangra dance stylings through instruction that is inspired by the high energy music from Indian films and combines folk and classical dance with Bhangra and other styles. Hudson River Park’s Bollywood & Bhangra series invites all levels to pick up technique and choreography, while learning from the best.

Follow along and enjoy these encore videos at your leisure!