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What is Crab Week?

Crab Week is a weeklong crustacean celebration from July 17-23. We’re getting crabby on social media with plenty of clawntent to dig your chelae into. Scuttle over to our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned to learn more about the soon-to-open Crab Corner in the Wetlab – it’s time to get crabtivated.

Why Crabs?

Why not crabs?

The Hudson River is home to several different species of crabs, including blue crabs, spider crabs and mud crabs. These crafty crustaceans are an important part of our local ecosystem and can get overshadowed by some of our more charismatic residents (looking at you, seahorses) – but this week’s it really their time to shine.

What Can I Expect This Crab Week?

As our inaugural Crab Week swims on, you’ll learn more about the crab species found in our local waters. We’re not being shellfish — get ready for clawsome facts and clawful puns, guaranteed to crabture attention at parties.

So put your claws up and join the crabstravaganza!


Start by finding out what kind of crab you are:

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