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Today’s solstice ushers in a season of quiet beauty along our four miles of riverfront. And as we mark the official start of winter, we’re celebrating another new beginning in Hudson River Park: the official launch of our Countdown to Spring .


Starting today, the daylight hours will grow longer once more, and soon we’ll be seeing signs of the warmer, brighter days to come. Last year we saw our first daffodils in February, leading to a record-early blooming season that brought color and hope when we needed it most. As this challenging year draws to a close, we especially look forward to the renewal, hope and color that spring brings—to our Park and our lives. 

Join us as we explore highlights of past spring seasons, take deeper dives into how HRPK’s wildlife and plantlife saves energy for spring, offer inside peeks at how our team gets the Park ready for a busy, beautiful springtime and so much more. Plus, we’ll be sharing signs of spring as they emerge across the Park.

Check out our Countdown to Spring page for a gallery of last year’s most beautiful spring flowers, a guide to last season’s bloom calendar, a window into one of our Park’s most popular gardens and more.

As the winter continues, you’ll find Countdown to Spring stories here on our website and across social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate the start of winter and the bright, beautiful days ahead.