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Experience HRPK as a True New Yorker

In NYC, parks are the backyards where we run, read, bike, sunbathe, play with our families, picnic with our friends—where we clear our minds, exercise our limbs and fill our hearts. Our HRPK backyard provides even more: an active waterfront, a spectacular lineup of cultural events and a thriving center of environmental learning—all free for our community of New Yorkers and visitors from around the world.

As the Park springs back to life and our event season kicks off, we invite you to activate in your Park—to embrace the most enriching version of HRPK—by becoming a member. Our members are called Friends with Benefits for a reason: joining our growing network of supporters activates whole new ways to enjoy your Park. Explore the benefits…

Dig into the full backyard experience.

A volunteer grabs a bunch of dirt that will be placed in the flower beds

The satisfaction that comes from working in your garden is hard to beat (really—it’s chemical!), but hard to find in NYC. As a member, you receive special invitations to plant and trim HRPK as your backyard garden at seasonal celebrations complete with flowers, crafts, snacks and sunshine. (Sign up today and you can join us for Spring Cutback this Saturday, May 4!)

Taste the perks.

park visitors sit and enjoy good food at the Frying Pan

The neighborhoods along HRPK—and the Park’s four miles—are full of fantastic restaurants, bars, activities, shops and more; many are our Community Partners. Join as a member, and you unlock exciting discounts and freebies from dozens of local favorites from Tribeca to Clinton—a great way to maximize your west side experience.

Enjoy VIP access.

Blues BBQ visitors quench their thirst during the hot summer day

From special river outings to VIP experiences at iconic HRPK events like the 20th Annual Blues BBQ Festival, Friends with Benefits experience HRPK at its best. Become a member, and you’ll always be on our invite list.

Feel empowered and connected.

Park visitors sit and enjoy the sunset as Jazz at Pier 84 begins

Next week, our event season kicks off with Jazz at Pier 84, featuring back-to-back performances by Joey Morant and Ray Mantilla, part of a season-long lineup curated by the Jazz Foundation of America. In fact, over the months that follow, our riverfront will host hundreds of free public events. As a member, you become an integral part of the community that makes outstanding free events like this possible. That makes enjoying the music (movie, dance, story, science, workout) even sweeter!

Hudson River Park is not a New York City park—all programming, maintenance and operations of our beautiful backyard rely on the support of those who love HRPK. Join as a member now, and activate your Park’s best all season long—knowing you helped make it possible for all to enjoy.