Max Guliani


Private Passage

Cross at W55th

At Pier 96 In Clinton



Subway & Bus Lines

B,D,E at 7th Ave.

C,E at 50th St.



Created by artist Malcolm Cochran, Private Passage is a distinctive sculpture consisting of a 30’ x 8’6” wine bottle resting on its side, within which is a representation of an interior stateroom from the ocean liner, Queen Mary.

The exterior of the bottle is fabricated of bronze and zinc with a traditional green patina.

The interior of the bottle is fashioned from sheet metal and other materials in a monochromatic scheme evoking the look of a platinum print from a black and white film, similar to an image one might view in a magazine ad of the 1930s.

Visitors are able to view the interior through a number of portholes along the sides of the bottle. Larger circular windows in the mouth and bottom permit views down the length of the interior. A row of portholes along the top functions as skylights during the day. At night, and in overcast weather, the interior is illuminated by electric lights that are part of the cabin’s furnishings.