Max Guliani For Hudson River Park


Pier 57

Cross at W15th St or W14th St

In Meatpacking District

Subway & Bus Lines

A,C,E,L at 14th St.


Planning is under way to transform Pier 57 into a mixed use development with a food marketplace, office uses and new public open space.


Pier 57 is listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. It was built in 1952 and is considered significant because of its innovative engineering design by Emil Praeger, who also designed floating piers for Allied landings in World War II. Pier 57 is supported by three buoyant, hollow concrete boxes. These 27,000-ton sections were built in Haverstraw, NY. Upon completion, they were flooded and floated down the river to their current location. The Pier's method of construction was widely heralded and publicized in engineering journals at the time.

In the future

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