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10 Reasons to Get in the HRPK Games Before Registration Closes on Friday

The Fifth Annual Hudson River Park Games on June 22 invite you to join friends, neighborhood groups and sponsored teams as you compete in a one-of-a-kind Pentathlon, featuring five heats: dodgeball, volleyball, steal the bacon, flag football and basketball relay.

Last month, we shared five reasons why you can’t miss the HRPK Games. Now that the Games are only 10 days away, we’re so excited we can’t help ourselves. We’re counting down the days with 10 more reasons why you should be sure to sign up before registration closes this Friday!

10. BYO dream team. Gather up 7–10 of your favorite weekend warriors, register for a team package and dominate the competition!

9. Athletic couples, listen up! Our two-ticket packages are a perfect way to switch up your Saturday morning workout (cc: athletic best friends).

8. We carefully match all individual registrants with a fantastic team of sports enthusiasts. The new friendships forged on the dodgeball field…

7. …are cemented over beers.  Raise your glass to a great competition with drinks and snacks at the VIP after-party at the Brookylneer.

6. It is a truth universally acknowledged: brunch tastes better after a morning of heart-pumping competition. Plus, if you buy a VIP ticket, we’ll provide the post-Game drinks and snacks!

5. We picked all five Pentathlon sports for their fun-factor. Play just one round of Steal The Bacon and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

4. Compete on the basketball court with the best view in NYC. Just don’t let that incredible view distract you from the perfect layup.

3. When was the last time you ran an obstacle course? Make it to the championship round, and you can hop those tires!

2. Join a community of fun-loving, Park-loving athletes. Have you ever noticed all the runners in HRPK Games T-shirts along our esplanade? Now in its fifth year, this event is building an amazing community—this is your chance to be a part of it!

1. Your ticket supports the incredible recreational and programming opportunities Hudson River Park provides the community. HRPK provides more diverse options for active recreation on land and water than any park in the city, but we’re not a New York City park; programming, maintenance and operations rely on private revenue. Your ticket helps keep the Park beautiful, active and thriving!

There are only 48 hours left to register. So whether you’re signing up as an individual, purchasing a two-ticket package or assembling a whole team, the time is NOW to Get in the #HRPKGames! We’ll see you on June 22.

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