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Support HRPK Biodiversity

Donate below before May 31 to make our HRPK Bulb-o-meter grow!

Purple and burnt orange coneflowersYou can help sustain our ecosystem and thousands of diverse native plants in Hudson River Park. Native plants are those that grow naturally in a specific habitat, like Manhattan’s west side. By planting and maintaining these native species, the Park supports a habitat for wildlife on land and in the water and brings major benefits, including reducing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

This year, there are new green spaces coming to Hudson River Park that need our support. Gansevoort Peninsula will have its very own pine grove and feature over 13,000 perennials. An array of shrubs and understory trees will be coming to Pier 97, including essential habitat for endangered Monarch butterflies.

Because Hudson River Park is NOT a City park, we rely on supporters like you for maintenance, operations and free programs. Your support also helps our horticulture team. Thank you for making this possible. 

With a donation of $50 or more, you will be a member of our Friends with Benefits program.  Visit here to learn more about the membership benefits you will receive. 

Make a donation to the HRPK 550 Fund: Care for Every Acre before May 31 and see how your meaningful gift impacts our HRPK Bulb-o-meter.