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Purple hyacinths

Hudson River Park’s River Project invites you to help us observe and catalogue the wildlife and plant life in the Park! Using the free iNaturalist, app anyone with a smartphone or computer can become a community scientist and contribute to a growing, global network of over one million observers and identifiers.

Any observation you make will be automatically logged in our ongoing Biodiversity in Hudson River Park project. Here you can see every observation ever made in the Park using the platform, and filter by species, taxa, and observers. This effort helps us to track migratory and invasive species as well as gather continuous information on the presence and location of year-round organisms. With your help, we can learn more about how over 450 species of plants and animals utilize the Park grounds as habitat!

A mushroom sits on the Habitat Garden path

How to participate

  1. Download iNaturalist app on your phone
  2. Create an iNaturalist account (you must be 13 years of age or older to create an account)
  3. While safely distancing in the Park, use the app to make observations OR take pictures and upload them to the iNaturalist website using your home computer
  4. Check out the Biodiversity in Hudson River Park project to see all observations made within the Park!

iNaturalist website
iNaturalist  tutorial

Be sure to check out our monthly BioBlitzes to see how many organisms you can observe within a week!

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Crab Week is a weeklong crustacean celebration from July 14-20.

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