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Opened to the public in 2003

After many years of service and heavy use, the Pier 45 wood decking has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. The repair along the south and west sides of the pier is going to begin in late December and should be complete by mid-2024. New decking will provide a more resilient boardwalk surface. We will be removing the existing decking, repairing the substructure framing, and reinstalling salvaged boards while replacing any damaged ones.

Amenities on this 900-foot-long pier include a promenade, artful shade structures, spray showers, seating areas, wood decking and an expansive grass lawn. Known as the green beach by day during the summer, Pier 45 hosts free Sunset on the Hudson concerts during the Park’s programming season. What’s better than enjoying music and dancing along the water’s edge?

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Nearby, the Christopher Street Fountain is a favorite meeting place. Just north, you can look forward to wining and dining near the water at Drift In, which opened to the public in late July 2020.

Bow Notch

A curious vestige of Hudson River Park’s maritime past is located between Piers 45 & 46. In the nineteenth century, the federal government established the United States Pierhead Line to ensure that piers and ships would not block the shipping channel. This semicircular area excision from the bulkhead was made to allow longer ships to come to the former pier located in this area, without extending into the channel.