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Opened to the public in 2003

Located at the end of Charles Street, this pier has been beautifully renovated, allowing you to venture out over the Hudson River, take in the views and relax. There’s a turf lawn for unprogrammed recreation, such as playing Frisbee with friends. The piles at the western end of the pier are being preserved because of their value for fish habitats.

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Life in the Piles

Hudson River Park’s pile fields are clusters of aging wooden fragments that remain from bygone piers. The Park’s pile fields are some of the most notable elements of Hudson River Park’s Estuarine Sanctuary, creating dynamic habitat and supporting a complex food web. Learn more about the rich biodiversity of the pile fields.

Greenwich Village Walking Tour   

There are centuries of fascinating history in the piers and streets around you, and you can explore some of it by taking an in-person or virtual tour. Look out for “ghost streets”, a reminder of the Manhattan waterfront’s commercial past when streets lead straight to the water.