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Currently under construction

Historic Pier 57 is one of several locations in Hudson River Park where popular commercial uses are enhanced by public open space. Pier 57 will soon be a popular place for music, dining and relaxing, both indoors and outdoors.

The pier, originally constructed in 1952, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, in large part because of the innovative engineering techniques that keep it afloat. Just below the water, three large concrete caissons support the main structure in lieu of traditional piles. Furthermore, these underwater containers serve as unique basement spaces, unlike any other pier.

Until 2004, Pier 57 was used for New York City bus parking. Today, it is undergoing a high quality, privately funded historic restoration, inside and outside, before opening in 2021. On the ground floor, visitors will find City Winery, a public marketplace and restaurant, indoor and outdoor public seating areas, an exhibit space and classroom operated by Hudson River Park’s science and education staff, and other cultural and learning centers. Google offices will use the balance of the interior spaces. On the roof will be a large landscaped public park with panoramic views of Manhattan and the New York Harbor, as well as a rooftop pavilion restaurant.

The rich past of Pier 57—and its exciting future—tell an important story about the legacy of innovation on our west side waterfront.

Here’s a 3D Rendering Video of the future Pier 57.

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