Interim public park space

Opening this summer

Hudson River Park’s Pier 76 will open to the public in June 2020. The structure will be temporary, with more permanent plans set to be developed by the Hudson River Park Trust with insight from the community.

New York State recently took possession of Hudson River Park’s Pier 76, located at West 38th Street & 12th Avenue, from New York City, which had used the 5.6-acre site and structure as a police department impound lot facility.

The state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation has begun a partial demolition of the 245,000 square-foot impound facility at the pier and will create interim public recreation space to include a walking area and outdoor flexible space, as well as benches for people to relax and enjoy the waterfront views. The impound facility’s steel support structure will be temporarily left intact to create a unique setting and partial shade. The $20 million construction project, which also includes environmental abatement, repaving, and installation of railings and lighting, is expected to be complete by June 1.

You can view Governor Cuomo’s press release detailing the project here.

Plus, the aerial view of the project here.