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Underwater Superheroes

Meet Oysters Named by Park Supporters

Hudson River Park has added more than 30 million filtration superheroes, also known as oysters, to Park waters to improve River habitat and support local marine species.

These oysters are cleaning our waterways, protecting our shorelines and building habitat for other creatures. Hudson River Park Friends supporters like you have the opportunity to name HRPK oysters and/or give the gift of naming an oyster!

During this campaign, we’re shell-ebrating two sets of Hudson River Park MVPs — the growing community of donors and members who help care for every acre of our urban oasis and our mighty mollusks that support life and build habitat in 400 acres of Park waters. Along with Hudson River Park’s River Project, these oysters are a sign of hope and sustainability.

Meet oysters named by Park supporters and their loved ones, and join in on the fun!

Name an Oyster

Mr. Pickles
Named by Toby Pearce
Gansevoort Peninsula

Mrs. Friends of Manhattan,
the HRPK Friends Staff Appreciation Oyster

Named by Eliza Kinsolving
Gansevoort Peninsula

Briony Shelly
Named by John Cawdery
Gansevoort Peninsula

Named by Aileen McBride
Gansevoort Peninsula

Crassostrea angulata
Named by Anonymous
Pier 32 Pile Field

Named by Julie Goldberg
Former Piers 27, 28 & 29

Ernest A Scinto
Named by Lorraine Scinto
Pier 26

Octopus N. Boots
Named by Maria Baugh

Named by Gustave Fleury
Pier 26
Named by Connie Fishman
Pier 26

Named by Kenneth Krynicki

Named by Ethan Early
Gansevoort Peninsula

Named by Rita C. Tobin
Former Piers 27, 28 & 29

Lord Taco
Named by Cheryl Herman
Former Piers 27, 28 & 29

Named by Eli Lustig
Pier 32 Pile Field

Miss Pearl
Named by Isabel Pachios
Gansevoort Peninsula

Richard Sloan
Named by Richard Sloan

Dela Beckett Rocky
Named by Annamarie Marks
Pier 32 Pile Field
Big II
Named by Park Fan
Pier 32 Pile Field

Schiff Bradley
Named by Bradley Schiff
Pier 32 Pile Field

Blaise and Alan
Named by Blaise Baron
Gansevoort Peninsula

Named by Zoe Logan

Pearl Jam
Named by Stephanie King
Former Piers 27, 28 & 29

Named by Doug
Gansevoort Peninsula

Named by Brendan McGinley
Gansevoort Peninsula

Named by Pat O'Hara
Pier 26

Named by Mary Gerzema
Former Piers 27, 28 & 29