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Park Rules & Regulations

To ensure everyone can enjoy Hudson River Park safely, we have established rules and regulations for all to follow.

The New York City Police Department and Parks Enforcement Patrol are responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations. Report problems directly to these agencies:

  • Park rules: Parks Enforcement Patrol, 212-242-6427
  • Law enforcement: NYPD
  • City of New York: 311
  • Emergency: 911


Park visitors may enter and use the Park from the hours of 6:00–1:00 AM, unless otherwise posted. Please call our Operations Desk for information regarding specific areas or questions: 212-242-6427.


Alcohol is not permitted in the Park, unless on restaurant property where alcohol is served.


Hudson River Park’s ballfields are open most days year-round. To allow for scheduled maintenance and rest after inclement weather, the Park reserves the right to close fields for repairs.

In cases of inclement weather, please call our Operations Desk to learn whether a ballfield is open: 212-242-6427.

For information about scheduled field maintenance throughout Hudson River Park, visit our alerts page.


  • Cycling is not permitted on pedestrian paths.
  • Cycling is not permitted on landscapes.
  • Travel only on the bike path adjacent to the Park.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way at all times.
  • At crosswalks: slow down, yield to pedestrians and then proceed cautiously.
  • Obey all traffic laws, such as traffic signals, stop signs and the 20 mph speed limit.
  • Travel at a slower speed in response to crowds, emergency or weather conditions.
  • Obey all signs and arrows.
  • Children under age 14 must wear a helmet, and helmets are recommended for every cyclist.


New York City’s dogs love Hudson River Park. The Park features four dog runs for furry friends; dogs are not allowed on the lawns. To ensure visitors and pets alike stay safe, dog owners must follow the rules as outlined by NYC Parks. Read more about dogs in Hudson River Park in this brochure.

Dog owners using the Park have both the privileges and responsibilities established by NYC Parks:

  • Dogs must always be under the control of their owner.
  • Dogs must have a NYC license tag and valid rabies tag.
  • Dogs must not dig, chase or harm wildlife, damage Park property or interfere with other Park users.
  • Always clean up after your dog, including dog hair that you brush off in the Park.
  • Please respect signs and fences that may indicate temporary closures due to restoration, maintenance or weather conditions.


Drones are not permitted in the Park.


Special event permits are required to reserve a specific area of the Park, or for activities with 20+ people. Apply for an event permit on the NYC Parks Special Event Permit Request page.


Barbecuing is not permitted in the Park.


Hudson River Park’s lawns are open most days during spring, summer and fall. Dogs are not permitted on the lawns.

Each winter, the Park’s lawns at Pier 63 close for the season. This allows our turf crew to provide much-needed care for the landscape, ensuring that it will be ready for the influx of visitors come spring.


The Park does not keep a Lost and Found. All items are turned in to NYPD.


There is paid parking in Hudson River Park. You may find these garages at Pier 40 and Pier 83.


Smoking is not permitted in the Park. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes. See all smoking rules from NYC Parks.


In the spring, plumbers from HRPK turn on the water to ornamental and drinking fountains, restrooms and irrigation systems across the Park. They are turned off in the fall.


Respect the wildlife in Hudson River Park. Never feed or approach a wild, stray or injured animal. In an urgent situation, contact the Parks Enforcement Patrol (212-242-6427) or the City of New York (311).

  • Observe from a distance.
  • Keep your pet leashed at all times, unless in a dog run.
  • Do not allow pets to play with or approach wildlife.
  • Do not feed wildlife. Feeding wildlife lowers their sense of fear of humans and can condition them to approach people on their own.

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