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Have you noticed the large cover stretching across our Chelsea Lawn Bowl? This silvery tarp may look like a Slip ‘N Slide or a massive tanning reflector, but the 9,000 square foot covering is no toy. Installed this week by our Horticulture team, the cover will help the largest open space along our Park’s four miles grow lush spring grass.

The covering warms and protects the section of Pier 63’s sprawling lawn that receives the most amount of traffic from all our visitors. The cover traps the heat from sunlight, allowing the grass to warm up faster and ensuring even, steady growth. We’ll remove the tarp when our grasses are replenished. In the meantime, we look forward to the Chelsea Lawn Bowl’s seasonal reopening, one of our favorite stepping-stones to summer!

On warm, sunny days, Pier 63 is a waterfront paradise. With uninterrupted lawn that slopes softly toward sparkling Hudson River views, the pier is a favorite among sunbathers, picnickers and anyone looking for open space to play, and hosts some of our most popular events—from Hudson RiverFlicks to the Hudson River Dance festival.

When you visit the Pier 63 during the upcoming weeks, we encourage you to look at but not touch the covering. Allowing the installation to work its magic will ensure a gorgeous, healthy lawn for the months of relaxation and play ahead! Until then, we’ll keep working to ensure your Park enjoys a thriving, green season.