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Talking Sunset Salsa with Talia Castro-Pozo

If you haven’t been to Sunset Salsa in HRPK, it’s time to change your Tuesday night plans. Every week at the breezy edge of Pier 45, some of the city’s best DJs spin as Talia Castro-Pozo teaches beginner Salsa lessons then kicks off a sizzling party for dancers of all experience levels.

Celebrated as “The Woman of Salsa” by Latina Magazine, Talia began her career as the youngest Soloist to join the National Ballet of Peru, and has trained in forms of dance from Modern to Ballroom to Jazz. She’s been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Univision and Telemundo, and we’re thrilled to have her leading Sunset Salsa in HRPK.

Talia Catro Pozo demonstrates how to do salsa during Summer of Fun in Hudson River Park

We caught up with Talia and she shared with us her history with the Park, what makes Sunset Salsa such a hit and why you should give Salsa a try!

HRPK: How did you get involved with Hudson River Park?
Talia: Back in 2009 one of your staff members attended my Latin Mondays at Taj party and loved the concept. She asked me if it would be possible to re-create a similar concept in the Park. I was so excited with the idea! We produced the first Sunset Salsa event at the triangle of 14 St. and 9 Ave.; a few years later we moved to 14th Street Park, followed by Pier 45 a few years ago, since the event keeps gaining momentum and popularity!

HRPK: What is one of your favorite memories from Sunset Salsa?
Talia: The view that Pier 45 offers is spectacular. At sunset, when the Salsa music is playing, and you can feel the cool breeze on a hot summer day while watching the hundreds of dancers move to the music, it’s priceless. I personally feed from the energy of the dancers—beginners and advanced; watching all these people smiling and having a good time inspires me to continue to produce amazing events.

HRPK: Sunset Salsa has become one of our most popular Summer of Fun events. What makes it such a success?
Talia: Looking back at how small we started, I can’t believe Sunset Salsa has become one of New Yorkers’ favorite things to do in the city in the summer. People look forward to it all year long! I think what makes it a success is the positive energy that you sense the minute you walk closer to the dance floor. Everyone has forgotten their problems; they are dancing with friends or strangers with the sun setting—having a great time!

HRPK: Why should everyone try Salsa dancing?
Talia: There are many reasons and benefits; I will name a few. Salsa dancing is the most popular partner dance all over the world! NYC is the capital of Salsa! At Sunset Salsa we feature some of the best Salsa instructors and DJs. Get healthy and fit while socializing! Sure, it’s a great way to make new friends not only in NY but when you travel worldwide, there is always a Salsa party that you can go to and meet the locals.

See you on the dance floor!

Sunset Salsa runs every Tuesday through August 28 at Pier 45 in Greenwich Village (cross at Christopher St.). Beginner Salsa lessons run from 6:30–7:15 PM, and DJs start the party at 7:15 PM!