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The Hudson River Estuary is a dynamic system with changing water conditions influenced by variables including tidal, seasonal, and extreme weather impacts. Hudson River Park continuously monitors local water conditions to understand the estuary ecosystem and communicate its health to Park users.


Hudson River Park is a participating partner in the Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observation System (HRECOS) network.  HRECOS is a collection of monitoring stations throughout the river gathering almost real-time (every 15 minutes) hydrological and metrological data.  Hudson River Park has two stations, one at Pier 26 and one at Pier 84. Year-round, these instruments collect and transmit water quality and weather data that is publicly available.  Visit the HRECOS website or click the image below to see live river conditions.

Image of the HRECOs page with charts


Although the Hudson River’s health has improved over the last few decades, bacteria levels continue to be a major concern. Bacteria enter the Hudson River through combined sewer outflows when our sewage system gets overwhelmed during mostly wet weather events. Hudson River Park is a participating partner in New York City Water Trail Association’s Citizens’ Water Quality Testing Program. Weekly from May through September, participating groups collect and process water samples from water access points within Hudson River Park and from 60 other waterfront locations.