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Community Conversations

Grades 9–12

All around the world, people are faced with conflicts of environmental justice and are affected by social, economic and political influence. This lesson introduces students to the concept of environmental justice and civic engagement with an interactive role-play activity. Students will learn to communicate with one another to devise an equitable plan for the sake of all stakeholders involved and consider the range of environmental impacts that community-level decisions can have.

This field trip is available to book Tuesdays through Thursdays in November and December.

Please note that there is required teacher-led student prep work prior to this program. We recommend leading prep lessons one to two weeks before your field trip with us. Thank you!

Program Objectives:

  • Students will be able to define and identify the ecological significance of an Estuary
  • Students will be able to identify at least one environmental impact of climate change
  • Students will learn how to organize their thoughts and communicate to a group
  • Students will be able to discuss solutions to a local environmental concern that support and protect all stakeholders

Program Information:

  • Student Capacity: 30 students per program
  • Cost: $200 (waivers available upon demonstration of need)
  • Teacher chaperones: One chaperone is required for every 10 students (1:10 ratio) at minimum

Program Activities:

  • NYC Sewer System Demonstration
  • Environmental Justice Discussion
  • Student-driven Mock Community Board Meeting

For details on program availability and location in the Park, please consult the calendar at the booking link above or contact