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Hudson River Park provides this curated list of resources for educators to explore topics related to our programming.

Hudson River Park

STEM Lessons and Activities
Life in the Piles poster
Fish in Hudson River Park poster
Our Living Estuary presentation (also available in Google Slides)


Aldo Leopold Foundation
NY DEC, Hudson River Lesson Plans
Cary Institute, Education
Clearwater, Teacher Resources
NYC DEP, Environmental Education
NYC Audubon
Project Wet
Project Learning Tree
Project Wild
HRECOS, Lesson Plans

Estuary Basics

USGS, Water quality
NY DEC, Meet the Hudson River
Cary Institute, Watersheds
Cary Institute, Tides
NY DEC, Tracking the Salt Front
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Snap Shot Day


Sea Grant NY, Fish Lesson Plans
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Fish Anatomy
HRP E&E, Fish in Hudson River Park
National Park Service, Catch and Release Fishing
NY Department of Health, Fish Consumption Guidelines
NY DEC, Growing up as a Striped Bass
Trout Unlimited, Trout in the Classroom
Two Claws Up, Horseshoe Crabs in NYC


NASA Earth Observatory, Plankton Overview
Cary Institute, Plankton and Foodweb
Clearwater, Food Webs
Cary Institute, Fish food web
University of Arizona, In class plankton lessons
National Geographic, Phytoplankton and Oxygen Production
NOAA, Plankton Data and Resource


University of Illinois
Cornell Lab of Ornithology K-12
PestWorld for Kids K-8
USDA Forest Service, Urban Forestry Laboratory
NY Tree Field Guide App
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Trees are Good

Maritime History

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Lilac History
Frying Pan History
The Mariner’s Museum


Billion Oyster Project, Curriculum and Resources 
NY/NJ Baykeeper, Oyster Restoration Program


Grow NYC, Compost Food Scraps
Eartheasy, Guide to Composting at Home
NYC, Compost Project
Personal Creations, Home Compost Guide


Each year, this event aims to showcase environmental education resources for New York City teachers and educators, in hopes that more children will have the opportunity to experience and learn about the natural features of our city.

Guided activities, experiments and videos that bring local waters, wildlife and science to life. Connect with the Hudson River virtually using common household items, your device of choice and printable worksheets.