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Pollution Solutions

Grades 3–12

Build a model water filter and learn about our connection to the health of NYC’s waterways.

This program occurs in the Pier 57 Discovery Tank, a climate-controlled indoor space. This field trip is available to book Tuesdays through Fridays from November through June.

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Program Objectives:

  • Students will be able to define and identify the ecological significance of an estuary.
  • Students will be able to identify basic elements of NYC’s waste water treatment process.
  • Students will be able to identify ways in which they can reduce water pollution.
  • Students will be able to define plastics and their impact on the environment.

Program Information:

  • Program length: 90 minutes
  • Student Capacity: 30 students per program
  • Cost: $200 (waivers available upon demonstration of need)
  • Teacher chaperones: One chaperone is required for every 10 students (1:10 ratio) at minimum

Program Activities:

  • NYC Sewer System Demonstration
  • Plastic Pollution Experiment
  • Microplastics Under the Microscope
  • Water Filter Build Activity

What Teachers Say About the Program:

  • “My students’ favorite portion of the lesson was the experiment and they talked about their different results for the rest of the school day!” – 10th Grade Teacher, New Jersey
  • “The educators were very professional and organized. They presented the lesson clearly and had all students engaged through out the class time.” – 5th Grade Teacher, Manhattan
  • “Very informative and so happy it was hands-on!” – 6th Grade Teacher, the Bronx

For details on program availability and location in the Park, please consult the calendar at the booking link above or contact [email protected].

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