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This program is only available in the spring.

Explore current sources of water pollution in NYC, including plastics, and our connection to the health of local waterways. Students will observe the inner workings of a combined sewer system, build water filters and discuss ways to support conservation.

Grades 3–8

Program Objectives:

  • Students will define and identify the ecological significance of an Estuary
  • Students will identify basic elements of NYC’s waste water treatment process
  • Students will identify ways in which they can reduce water pollution
  • Students will define plastics and their impact on the environment

Program Information:

  • Student Capacity: 30 students per program
  • Cost: $200 (waivers available upon demonstration of need)
  • Teacher chaperones: One chaperone is required for every 10 students (1:10 ratio) at minimum

Program Activities:

  • Sewer in Suitcase Demonstration
  • Defining and Creating Polluted Water
  • Filter Build Activity

What Teachers Say About the Program:

  • “The students and I had a fantastic time on our trip. The hands-on experiments (testing the water) made the kids feel involved. They also were able to show what they knew during the questioning and answering part (Hooray, they really were paying attention). This trip gave them a chance to think about the river and what lives in it. It also got them to thinking about how they can help keep it clean and safe.  Thank you for the great opportunity that allowed my kids to have a wonderful learning experience.” 5th Grade Teacher, Staten Island
  • “The educators were exceptional. Engaging, organized, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. They connected with the children and made an effort to ensure that each child was included, interested and engaged. It was by far the best field trip experience I have had with students.” 7th Grade Teacher, Manhattan