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Plastics & the Food Web

This lesson explores plastic’s impacts on Hudson River wildlife and food web. Students will test the density of various plastic items in water to observe where different plastic products may be found in the Hudson River water column. Students will be introduced to several native species of Hudson River wildlife and their feeding behaviors to make connections of how plastics interact with the food web. The activity closes by discussing solutions to fight plastic pollution in local communities, inviting students to take a pledge to be stewards of the Hudson River and the environment.Plastic bottles and bags sit on the end of Gansevoort Peninsula


Plastics & the Food Web Lesson

Themes: Hudson River Estuary; Native Species; Food Web; Pollution; Plastics
Ages: 8-14
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Activity Time: 45-60 minutes


Plastic Density Worksheet
Plastic Density Table
Hudson River Animals Packet
Plastic Reduction Pledge Cards
Life in the Pile Fields Poster