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Comb Jellies

Phylym Ctenophora

Comb Jellyfish white long rounded legs cupped in an oval shape
Mnemiopsis leidyi

Size: Up to 6 cm
Habitat: Marine to brackish waters worldwide.
Diet: Zooplankton and small crustaceans.

Fun Facts:

  • Comb jellies are planktonic predators and are prey to fish, sea turtles, crustaceans,  other ctenophores, and are even eaten by humans
  • Comb jellies can be sensitive to water quality, so their presence in the Hudson River is a good sign
  • Comb jellies get their name from their eight rows of plates made of fused cilia (little hairs) that they use to move through the water, which look like combs
  • Unlike their close relative, the jellyfish, comb jellies do not have stinging tentacles and are harmless to humans