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Daggerblade Grass Shrimp

Palaemonetes pugio

A grass shrimp with long antenna in a glass circle plateMax Size: 7 cm (2.5 in)
Habitat: Eelgrass beds, salt marshes, estuaries.
Diet: Omnivorous. Forages for algae, decaying organic matter






Fun Facts:

  • Named for their frequent proximity to eelgrass
  • Translucent carapace allows them to hide better in open water, higher up amongst submerged aquatic vegetation
  • The species name is Latin for “dagger” in reference to their serrated rostrum that provides some protection from would-be predators
  • One of the more numerous macroinvertebrates caught in HRPK’s traps

A group of grass shrimp with long antenna around their tube housing area



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