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Atlantic Tomcod

Microgadus tomcod

Atlantic Tomcod drawing with three fins on the top and one on the bottom with dark lines throughout the body
Max Size: 30 cm (1 ft)

Habitat: Shoals, harbors, river mouths from Newfoundland to Virginia

Diet: Small crustaceans, worms, small mollusks, squids and fish




Fun Facts:

  • Atlantic Tomcod are known for their unique adaptation of resisting the PCB toxins (polychlorinated biphenyls) that were once deposited in the Hudson River
  • Tomcods are popular with fishers because they are available in colder months however, they have recently become absent in Hudson River Park due to increasing water temperatures from the effects of Climate Change that prevent them from spawning in the Park
  • The three dorsal fins on the back of the tomcod are the easiest way to identify them
  • The barbel on their chin is used to find food