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Black Sea Bass

Centropristis striata

Drawing of a black sea bass with 4 fins and a large scale on its backMax Size: 60cm (2 ft)

Habitat: Inshore waters, bays, and sounds, from Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico

Diet: Crabs, shrimp, smaller fish





Fun Facts:

  • Black sea bass are protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning that they start out as females. Seabass will swim in groups called ‘harems’ with a single dominant male who mates with the rest of the group, who are all female. When the dominant male dies, a female of the group will change sex and take the male’s place.
  • Distinguished from Blackfish by their larger mouths, fins, and eyes relative to body-size, a more streamlined body shape, and sometimes a thick horizontal band along their lateral line which blackfish never exhibit
  • Like most bass, their teeth are tiny, forming rough pads that help them to grip their food as they swallow it whole.


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