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Lined Seahorse

Hippocampus erectus

Drawing of a lined seahorseMax Size (for Hudson): 10 cm (4 in)

Habitat: Shallow bays and estuaries, to deeper shelf waters from Nova Scotia to Venezuela

Diet: Amphipods and small crustaceans






Fun Facts:

  • Seahorses are found in temperate and tropical waters all over the world, including the Hudson River
  • The male seahorse receives eggs from the female and keeps them in a pouch where he fertilizes and carries them until they are ready to hatch
  • Seahorses can easily die of exhaustion in stormy weather; they are not strong swimmers and rely on their prehensile tail to anchor themselves to vegetation and substrata
  • The serial, bony rings that make up their secondary, dermal skeleton are quadrilateral – one of the only instances of square biological components in animals