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Northern Pipefish

Syngnathus fuscus

Drawing of a Northern Pipefish a long eel like creature with a long thin snout and a fan tail


Max Size: 30 cm (1 ft.), avg. 15 cm (6 in)

Habitat: Shallow bays and estuaries to deeper shelf waters from Labrador to the Gulf of Mexico

Diet: Amphipods and crustaceans






Fun Facts:

  • Northern pipefish have long and slender bodies, mimicking the shape of seagrass in order to camouflage from predators
  • The northern pipefish is covered by a thick set of bony scales
  • Along with seahorses, belong to the family syngnathidae meaning “fused jaw”
  • Just like seahorses, the males of the species keep their young in a pouch

A northern pipefish in an arc position with small scales in the middle of the body and a little bottle shaped nose