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Activities & Attractions

Hudson River Park’s four miles of piers, esplanades and landscapes boast sunset views, scores of recreational and play spaces, stunning gardens and much more.

Find what interests you by exploring the categories above. Visit, and then visit again!

A kid in a red jersey kicks a soccer ball at two kids in blue jerseys

Kick off your next practice or game at one of Hudson River Park’s five athletic fields, home to some of the most coveted and heavily used recreational fields in Manhattan.

Soccer groups kick the ball on the Chelsea Waterside Park field

Kick off your next practice or game at the fields at Chelsea Waterside Park, one of Hudson River Park’s five athletic fields.

A baseball player readies to hit the ball

Are you ready for some baseball? There are many different ways to play ball in Hudson River Park.

A basketball player shoots for the basket Hudson River Park sunset

Brush up on your jump shot or play a pick-up game with friends at one of three regulation-size public basketball courts.

Basketball players having a game in Chelsea Waterside Park

Grab your friends and come to point, shoot and score at the public basketball court at Chelsea Waterside.

A slam dunk into the hoop in Hudson River Park

Players of all ages are welcome to join a pick-up game or brush up on their layups while enjoying refreshing waterfront breezes.

A volleyball player crouches down to make sure he hits the ball

Feel the sand between your toes and get a great workout with friends at Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 beach volleyball courts.

A cyclist continues down the bikeway

The bike path runs adjacent to Hudson River Park from Battery Place at the southern tip of Manhattan to W 59 St. where it connects with Riverside Park South.