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Park Tours: HRPK’s Compost Center

Did you know that HRPK processes nearly 500,000 pounds of organic waste each year as part of its Community Compost Program? Join us for a tour of our HRPK Compost Center to learn more about Park sustainability.

Hudson River Park has ten food scrap drop-off locations available to the public throughout the Park’s four mile footprint that are open all year-round. At our Compost Center, Park staff combine food scraps with dead branches and other plant waste to create a soil-like matter that benefits our plant beds.

During this special tour of the Compost Center, our staff experts will explain this process and show our equipment in action. You’ll also discover how this project is so important in helping reduce our community’s carbon footprint and support healthy, resilient vegetation.

Space is limited, registration is recommended for these tours.

man and child in front of compost

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Saturday, Aug 06
9:00 AM
Community Compost Center  ·  Other Events at This Location