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Five Ways Your Support Keeps HRPK Green and Growing

From breaking ground to groundbreaking research, from green initiatives to growing green spaces, HRPK at 20 just keeps getting better—thanks in large part to our dedicated Park community. This #GivingTuesday, be a part of the future of one of NYC’s most dynamic recreational spaces.

When you give the gift of membership or join as a Friends with Benefits member before December 31, your gift will be matched! And we’d be delighted to send the lucky gift recipient a specially designed Welcome Packet before the holidays.

As a member, you’ll receive special perks and invitations, plus the joy of helping HRPK grow and innovate. Want to see the impact? Here are five ways your membership keeps HRPK thriving!

Volunteers from Citi help plant various plants across Hudson River Park

Growing Green: HRPK’s trees aren’t just gorgeous (especially right now)—they protect our green space from air pollution and help control storm water runoff that deposits waste in the Hudson. This year, thanks to volunteers, supporters and a New York State DEC grant, we’ve planted more than 100 trees in our bikeway buffers. Our Volunteer Program brought more than 1,700 members of the public to support our horticulturists throughout the Park—helping our staff plant nearly 4,000 flowers and shrubs and more than 12,300 bulbs. Our members support these initiatives—with special invitations to roll up their sleeves!

The composting bins in Hudson River Park

Gaining Sustainability: You help us turn composting in HRPK into a community affair. In addition to recycling the Park’s nearly 200 tons of annual garden waste into nutrient-rich soil, our Community Compost Program provides seven (7) designated drop-off locations throughout the Park’s four-mile footprint. We project that our collected food waste will weigh in at 75,000 pounds in 2018! That’s 50% growth over last year’s total. Member support helps this initiative grow, keeping organic waste out of landfills and helping our gardens flourish.

The new playground at Hudson River Park's Chelsea Waterside Play Area

Breaking New Ground: It’s been a year of grand openings and new beginnings in HRPK—thanks to our generous supporters. In August, we officially opened our Chelsea Waterside Park Play Area. Designed to awaken the childhood imagination, the playground takes inspiration from its location’s ecosystem and history—and the little ones are loving it. In October, we celebrated the initiation of construction at Pier 26, the Park’s first pier dedicated to ecology—and certain to be an HRPK treasure. Your support helps us achieve this bright future!

Cleaning up the plastic found throughout Hudson River Park's estuary

Stewarding our Estuarine Sanctuary: Preserving our nearly 400 acres of protected estuary is central to the Park’s mission—and our members help us support HRPK Estuary Lab’s scientific and environmental impact. From trowling for microplastics to collecting and recording macroplastic debris, our Estuary Lab scientists contribute to greater understanding of the impact of plastics on our waterways; their oyster education and restoration efforts are helping return this native species to the Hudson River’s waters where it once thrived.

One of the green lit beacons naming Hudson River Park

Glowing Up: Our 20th Anniversary season saw a major transformation: the roll-out of hundreds of new signs throughout the Park’s four miles, including fifteen-foot tall illuminated beacons, directories and welcome and wayfinding features. This bright new signage links various portions of the Park through visual consistency as well as making it easier than ever for Hudson River Park’s millions of annual visitors to learn about the amazing features at their fingertips. And beyond wayfinding, we’re play-finding! This fall, we invited Park lovers to download HRPK’s new app—Playflags, which is all about enhancing how you play in HRPK.

With new Park attractions, new horticulture and new technology all making this season bright in HRPK, there’s no better time to give the gift that greens your Park. Happy Giving Tuesday! We can’t wait to have you as a member.