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By law, Hudson River Park is financially self-sustaining, relying on private contributions and earned income for annual operations, maintenance and public programs. That means your donation supports the very work that keeps the Park’s four miles clean, green and beautiful as well as being a vital environmental, educational and cultural resource for New York City and our West Side community.

When you contribute to the Hudson River Park UnGala Donor Drive your gift to Hudson River Park Friends, the Park’s dedicated fundraising partner, supports all that makes Hudson River Park such a vibrant and beloved destination for New Yorkers and visitors from around the world.

Here are some ways that your dollars make a difference:

The sun beams down on the purple coneflowers and blackeyed susans in Tribeca


Hudson River Park’s gardens and lawns are beautifully  landscaped and carefully maintained by a talented but small team of horticulturists. From W 59 Street down to Chambers Street, the Park’s botanical bounty and inviting green spaces provide seasonal beauty and a welcome respite to millions of visitors each year. Your support helps the Park’s Horticulture staff keep our green spaces healthy, blooming and gorgeous.

Operations and Maintenance

Keeping our four-mile urban oasis safe, clean and enjoyed by all is no small task. Maintaining the 550-acres of Piers, Upland and Hudson River marine sanctuary is a 24/7, 365 day a year job for a Park that sees more than 17 million visits annually. Your support helps ensure that the Park stays safe, clean and green, and remains a valuable asset for the community to enjoy.

Environmental Research and Education

Offering hands-on environmental education programs and scientific research, HRPK’s River Project communicates the ecological importance of the Park’s 400-acre Estuarine Sanctuary, inspiring young scientists across NYC and engaging visitors of all ages in free Park-wide programs. HRPK River Project’s research also advances our understanding of the health of the Hudson River and how we can protect it – work bolstered through community-focused sustainability initiatives like Park Over Plastic and our community Compost Program. Your support helps Park educators and scientists inspire STEM-based learning and build a greener NYC for all of us.

The red hues of the sky as the sunsets and musicians play to the group of Park visitors

Public Programs

Every year, Hudson River Park hosts hundreds of free and low cost public events. From family programming to musical performances to fitness programs to outdoor movies to riverfront salsa dancing, HRPK provides exciting and culturally rich programming that is accessible to everyone. Your support helps us fill our piers with music, laughter and activity, benefiting hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and visitors each year.


HRPK Friends Volunteer Program provides vital support that keeps the Park clean, green and growing, and offers valuable opportunities for New Yorkers to connect with their shared backyard, directly impact their city, and participate in service-based giving. Your support helps us provide and sustain this beloved community engagement program.