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Two Park visitors walk through the Tribeca boardwalk surrounded by lush green trees at Hudson River Park

This southernmost section of the Park offers visitors a place to explore formal perennial gardens, lush lawns and a meandering boardwalk through native grasses, flowers and trees…

apple garden summer beauty

Home to established trees and shrubs, the storied West Village Park area includes the Apple Garden, named for the bronze sculpture designed by Stephan Weiss at its center, a whimsical tribute to New York City...

Chelsea Entry Garden Red and Purple flowers

Enter to find a sun-drenched lawn stretching to the river’s edge and to the south, the Entry Garden, a color filled oasis…

Lush greenery encloses Stonefield and Park visitors can enjoy the sunset and art near Pier 63

The inviting and secluded Stonefield Native Garden is set amongst graceful weeping willows just south of Pier 64.

Pink hibiscus grow in abundance in the Habitat Garden

What’s happening behind that fence? Nature! The Habitat Garden contains a diverse variety of plants native to the Hudson River shores. School trips and visits are available by appointment.

An oval trellis is a centerpiece in the community garden

Nestled in this bustling “aquatainment” area that offers attractions for visitors from near and far is the Pier 84 Community Garden.

New England Aster blooming in Hudson River Park

Your guide to what's flowering throughout Hudson River Park's four miles.