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John J. Harvey, a privately owned fireboat, is moored at Hudson River Park’s Pier 66a, also known to some as Pier 66 Maritime, or even the Frying Pan. Built in 1931, this vessel is named for the Fire Department of New York pilot who was killed while fighting a fire aboard the North German Lloyd Line’s SS Muenchen. At 130 feet and 268 gross tons, she is among the most powerful fireboats ever in service, capable of pumping up to 18,000 gallons of water a minute.

The John J. Harvey assisted during such notable fires as the Cunard Line pier fire in 1932, the burning of the Normandie in 1942 and the ammunition ship El Estero during World War II. She served the FDNY until her retirement in 1994, but was reactivated on September 11, 2001 when its volunteer crew leapt into action to bring the vessel to the waters adjacent to the World Trade Center. Alongside FDNY fireboats Firefighter and John D. McKean, she pumped water for 80 hours.

John J. Harvey takes irregular but frequent free trips, sponsored by the owners, in New York Harbor. Her magnificent harbor displays in warm weather attract crowds and draw cheers along the riverbank.

Pier 66a is also home to the legendary lighthouse tender Frying Pan. Grab a bite to eat before or after taking a stroll through the Park’s Chelsea area—home to wonderful vistas and relaxing experiences.

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