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8:00 AM–Dusk, daily, weather permitting Pier 62 at W 22 St.

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Hudson River Park was intentionally designed to include two skateparks expertly designed to provide variety and challenge to skateboarders. If you’re looking for a place to ollie, nollie, or grind – Hudson River Park’s two world-class skateparks have you covered! Located near Pier 25 and on Pier 62, these skateparks are FREE and open to skateboarders and rollerbladers alike. The street-park stylings of the Tribeca Skatepark and the California-style bowl at Pier 62 Skatepark offer all the challenges a street skater could want.

When it opened in May 2010, HRPK’s Pier 62 Skatepark was the first modern, full-sized vert concrete transition skatepark in New York City. The skatepark is built on top of a pile-supported marine platform and uses structural foam to create the shapes and forms that are typically sculpted in the earth. Bring your helmet and test your skills.


  • 5 ft spine
  • Beginner Ollie Zone, including a: 4 ft quarter, 2 ft wedge, and 3 ft start box.
  • Intermediate Fun Box, including a: 24 ft ledge, kinked flat rail, 18 ft ollie ledge.