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Helpful Info / More About Pier 66a
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Among the many unique locations for dining in Hudson River Park is Pier 66 Maritime: home of Lightship Frying Pan. Located at Pier 66a in Chelsea. The Frying Pan enjoys a lively life as part of an enormously popular spot for food and drinks on the Hudson River.

Pier 66 Maritime is a seasonal locale with some protection from inclement weather. Please check their Facebook Page to keep informed of any occasional closings due to weather.

Did You Know? 
Lightship “Frying Pan” is listed on both the New York State and National Registers of Historic Places. The US Coast Guard once used lightships as floating lighthouses to prevent other ships from running aground on shoals or submerged rocks that were too far from land to be served by a lighthouse on shore. Many were also used to mark the entrances to harbors. The Frying Pan is one of only 13 lightships remaining from more than 100 originally built. Visit the Frying Pan website to learn more about its fascinating history.