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Public art is an integral component of Hudson River Park. The Park’s design process has included the creation and installation of place-specific public sculpture in a number of locations. In addition, the Park also proudly hosts two public memorials that were carefully planned to be integrated into the Park landscape, as well as other permanent installations that enhance the Park environment.

American artist Meg Webster created Stonefield (2010) in Hudson River Park at W 24 St. This landscape sculpture consists of large stones chosen from quarries in New York State and the northeast corner of Pennsylvania. They were selected for their special shapes and unusual sculptural qualities. Some are very colorful, some are concave, some craggy, one is very tall, and yet another is shaped somewhat like a boat. The artist views each stone as special, and arranged each to showcase its unique characteristics and individual ‘being-ness’.

Stonefield is the perfect place for park visitors to experience a solitary moment, whether for gentle yoga, meditation or as a peaceful spot to read a book. Stonefield is particularly stunning at night time as the sun sets over the Hudson.