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Opened to the public in 2010

Pier 64’s innovative design features a higher elevation at the western end that rises 15 feet above the bulkhead. This rise, in addition to the pier’s unique location at a bend in the Hudson River, provides spectacular views of New York Harbor and the River to the north and south. The entirely passive green pier is characterized by sloping lawns and a grove of English Oaks that extends from the bulkhead out to the pierhead line, enticing Park-goers to explore the pier’s western end. Plus, an allee of flowering crabapple trees, selected for their white bloom in emulation of an old apple orchard, as well as their resistance to disease, is especially attractive in spring.

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Rising 15 feet above the bulkhead at its far western end, Pier 64 and the two blocks of adjacent upland Park from 24 St. to 26 St. opened in April 2009. The raised elevation capitalizes on a special geographic moment, creating “a sloping hill of green that rises up as the pier reaches out into the Hudson River, offering fantastic views of the rest of the world.” – Curbed NY

Historical Sighting

Pier 64 visitors will have a great view of Weehawkenthe site of the infamous duel between Vice President Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, the former Secretary of the Treasury, on July 11, 1804.