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Back to School with HRPK’s River Project

The first crisp breeze has arrived on our riverfront, school is back in session and HRPK’s River Project educators are ready to welcome NYC students back for an exciting lineup of fall field trips. Serving K–12 students, our hands-on environmental education field trip programs are available both in-person and virtually. This fall’s school field trips highlight Estuary topics including wildlife, water quality, climate change and sustainability.

The Hudson River Estuary’s diverse ecosystem offers valuable lessons in environmental science, NYC history and sustainability. Meet native fishes in our Wetlab, explore shoreline ecology at the Pier 26 Tide Deck, develop solutions to climate change and more!

Fall programs are up to 60 minutes long, available through November 20 and include free access to our Virtual Program Resource Packet. In-person field trips can accommodate 15 students per program with a 1:10 chaperone ratio and a $200 fee per program*. Virtual field trips can welcome up to 100 students per program with a 1:35 chaperone ratio and a $100 fee per program*.

Program highlights from this fall’s offerings include:

Shoreline Ecology at Pier 26 (Grades K–12)

Visit the Tide Deck at HRPK’s Pier 26 and discover its rocky salt marsh, engineered to provide an immersive river ecology experience. Students will learn how to identify native plants and unique coastal zones of Manhattan’s original landscape.

Climate & Our Coast (Grades 9–12)

Investigate climate change impacts to shorelines and engineer models of sea-level rise adaptions. Students will leave with solutions to reducing CO2 emissions at home and in their community.

Fish Ecology (Grades K–12)

Discover native wildlife of the Hudson River Estuary and learn how HRPK’s River Project team conducts fish ecology surveys. This program is a great way for all ages to  learn Hudson River basics.

Plankton Microscopy (Grades K–12)

Take a look through our digital microscope and observe some of the Estuary’s smallest living organisms. Identify the vital role that zooplankton and phytoplankton play in our food web.

Bring your class to the water’s edge this fall to explore first-hand all that the River has to offer. To register for a fall field trip, visit here. Questions? Please email our team at [email protected].

*Fee waivers available upon demonstration of need